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This week marks our first Spring Saturday Ag Class of 2018!
All classes will begin at 10am!

Click Here for the Spring 2018 Class Schedule!

Saturday, March 17th at 10am

"Toxic Plants in Pature/Rangeland" with Dr. Tam Garland

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Welcome to Producers Cooperative Association

Producers Cooperative Association is one of the largest member-owned local agricultural supply cooperatives in the nation. The Association is member-owned by the farmers and ranchers, but membership is not necessary to do business with us.

We manufacture livestock feeds and offer a complete line of value-added products and services including fertilizer, seed, petroleum,  agricultural supplies and lawn/garden supplies.

Visit our Ag Retail Center in Bryan at 1800 North Texas Avenue, just one block north of the Highway 21 intersection, or call us at (979) 778-6000.

BUSINESS HOURS:  Monday through Saturday,  7:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m.

Membership is not neccessary to do business with us at PRODUCERS. We invite our friends and neighbors to take full advantage of our experience in the science of agriculture. We foster a friendly, helpful atmosphere at our store and hope you'll find us to give practical, expert advice.

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