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Agronomy Services

Quality products and agronomic services play a vital role in successful crop and forage production, and both can be found at PRODUCERS.

Our modern bulk blending plant houses dry granular fertilizer ingredients - Ammonium Sulfate, Urea, Diammonium Phosphate, Muriate of Potash, K-Mag and other ingredients and micro-nutrients for blending any grade, any quantity and anytime. Two blenders and two loading lanes streamline the blending and loading process, reducing valuable response time. High quality super-fine agricultural limestone is also available for soil neutralization.

Liquid UAN and several blends of liquid fertilizer are available for those who prefer them.

Custom spreading for fertilizer, lime and many types of seed is available. Our flotation applicators have become a favorite among farmers and ranchers throughout the area for their ability to reduce soil compaction. In addition, a large fl eet of spreader carts - ground and PTO-driven - are available for the do-it-yourself customers at no charge when purchasing fertilizer and/or seed.

A wide selection of fall and spring forage and crop seed offer producers many alternatives. Oats, ryegrass, wheat, rye, clover, vetch and a variety of special blends are available for mixing with fertilizer for one easy application in the establishment of winter pastures. At least a half-dozen proven annual forage hybrid sand varieties, and several perennial grass varieties are stocked for spring forage needs. Popular name-brand varieties and hybrid planting seed for cotton, corn, grain sorghum, soybeans and other specialty crops are also available at competitive prices.

For pounds of forage produced, no practice is more cost effective than timely weed control. PRODUCERS provides high-tech custom application services via its Terragators or smaller spray trucks for pastures and hay fields, small and large. Demand for spray services is high, so call ahead for scheduling.

Couple these quality products and services with sound, professional knowledge and expertise and you have a winning combination. Our agronomy specialists take pride in helping producers achieve their forage production goals and are ready when the need arises.

Mark McMath - Agronomy Division Manager/Certified Crop Advisor
Jason Whitfield - Row Crop Specialist

Fertilizer Specially Formulated

Producers has been making things grow in the Brazos Valley since 1943. That's why you can trust us to formulate lawn, garden, field and pasture fertilizers to meet your needs.

  • Soil testing that stores results from year-to-year to help you make better agronomic and economic decisions
  • Experienced agronomists who can help you find solutions for your operation
  • Bulk and bagged fertilizer formulated at Producers
  • Drag spreaders and lawn spreaders available for use with product

Controlling Weeds & Insects
There's more to weed and insect control than applying herbicides and insecticides.